Tuesday, June 30, 2009

People vs Jackson

Articol citat from Wikipedia.org:
"Michael Jackson was indicted for four counts of molesting a minor, four counts of intoxicating a minor, one count of abduction, and one count of conspiring to hold the boy and his family captive. On 2003-12-18 Jackson was charged with seven counts of child molestation and two counts of Alcoholic beverage administering an intoxicating agent, in order to commit that felony, in February and March 2003; all regarding the same boy under 14.
Jason Francia (born May 30, 1980) is the son of Jackson's former maid Blanca Francia, who moved from El Salvador to the US in 1975. She worked for Jackson in the period 1986–1991 at the Jackson family home in Encino, Los Angeles, at Jackson's Century City, Los Angeles apartment called "The Hideout," and at Neverland. She often brought Jason along to her work. Jason was a friend of Jackson in the period 1987–1991, when he was 7–10 years old. Jason claimed Jackson touched his crotch twice over his shorts, and once touched his testicles from under his shorts, on each of these three occasions for a few minutes during a tickling game. On the first two occasions he received $100 each for not telling his mother. In 1996 Jackson paid the family $2,000,000 to settle the case. Blanca Francia also received $20,000 for a TV interview, which Jason claimed to have no knowledge of the amount. She testified too, in spite of the settlement. She did not see sexual activity, just an occasion where Jackson and Jason were lying together partly on, partly in a sleeping bag.
Jordan Chandler, who allegedly was molested by Jackson in 1993, left the country to avoid testifying according to his uncle Ray Chandler. Former security guard Ralph Chacon says that at Neverland he saw Jackson putting Chandler's penis in his mouth on one occasion, and touching Chandler's crotch with his hand on another occasion. Chacon claimed having seen Jackson molest Chandler in early 1993, before May 1993 in Monaco, when Chandler alleged in his testimony that Jackson started abusing him. Chandler's mother has also testified and contradicted known facts about the case, claiming that she was the one to alert authorities about the relationship between Jackson and her son in September 1993, although authorities were alerted by Jordan's father in August 1993. Former maid Adrian McManus says she once saw Jackson touch Chandler's crotch over his clothes. Bob Jones, who worked for Jackson from 1987 to 2004 as a publicist, was a witness, but he refused to testify at trial.
As part of the evidence to try to show attraction to boys, the prosecution introduced two books featuring nude prepubescent boys. The books were seized from Jackson in 1993 and never returned. The prosecution portrayed them as being child erotica or pornography, showing a sexual attraction to boys. However, the defense characterized them as wholly non-sexual, non-pornographic, art books. The defense pointed out that the books were legal to possess, and Jackson was therefore never charged with owning them. While both featured nudity, neither book contains any depictions of sexual acts. Jackson lost possession of the books long before meeting the current accuser, which is why the books were a part of the 1108 evidence. He has never been accused of showing these two books to any boys.
One book, "The Boy: A photographic Essay" features many pictures of nude boys, including some explicit pictures of genitalia. One book had an inscription saying it was from a fan. While the other book read this inscription :"Look at the true spirit of happiness and joy in these boys' faces. This is the spirit of boyhood, a life I never had and will always dream of. This is the life I want for my children."
Trist, foarte trist. Marele "king of pop" era un ... de copii. De ce il aduleaza acum lumea? Asta e, lumea e ipocrita. Sincer, incep sa-l prefer pe Elvis, ala lua doar droguri, nu avea si placeri minoresti.

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