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Lectia de politica

Am citit un "protest vehelment" de la un prieten referitor la fraza mea" Miscarea feminista este de sorginte comunista, de extrema stanga politica si influenta leftista se observa in modul de abordare al problematicii ideologice."
Eu nu sunt un feminist. Nici sotia mea nu e feminista, si nu e deloc proasta. E o femeie educata, are Masteratul si se gandeste la Doctorat.
Nu am scos fraza din burta. E rezultatul unor constatari istorice din secolul trecut. Acum sa incerc cu argumente istorice si documente sa ii explic prietenului, poate il conving ca feminismul are sorginte comunista, ca acest comunism a sprijinit feminismul, iar feminismul a promovat comunismul si ateismul.
Pentru ca protestul lui a fost public, astept si admitere publica a faptului ca am demonstrat afirmatia mea cu argumente solide si ca nu am vorbit aiurea in tramvai.
Ati auzit de teribilii tripleti? feminism, comunism, ateism.
‘Feminism’ Has Communist Roots. Eu sunt si mai radical si spun feminismul = comunism mascat. Nu sunt nici fascist, nici nazist si nici extremist. Sunt realist.
Feminismul a fost initiat tot de o anumita natie, aceeasi care a initiat si comunismul si care a initiat si discriminarea pozitiva, aplicata din anii 90 in State, si referitoare la drepturile minoritatilor. O natie cu care eu nu am nimic, ba uneori chiar imi plac, pentru ca se descurca si fac bani.
Canada, din pacate, e o tara socialista, cu multe idei tovarasesti, de infierare a declaratiilor impotriva mnoritatilor de tot felul. Daca cineva protesteaza impotriva unei minoritati, apare imediat reactia de protejare a acelei minoritati numai pentru ca este bine asa "politically correct".
Si acum citate din diverse surse istorice, documente:
Betty Friedan, the “founder of modern feminism” pretended to be a typical 1950’s American mother who had a “revelation” that women like her were exploited and should seek independence and self-fulfillment in career. What Friedan (nee: Betty Naomi Goldstein - jewish) didn’t say is that she had been a Communist propagandist since her student days at Smith College (1938-1942) and that the destruction of the family has always been central to the Communist plan for world government. See “The Communist Manifesto” (1848).
Daniel Horowitz (jewish), a History Professor at Smith with impeccable Liberal and Feminist credentials documents all this in his book, Betty Friedan and the Making of the Feminine Mystique: The American Left, the Cold War and Modern Feminism (University of Massachusetts Press 1999). Horowitz cites a union member who described how a Communist minority “seized control of the UE national office, the executive board, the paid-staff, the union newspaper and some district councils and locals.”
The founder of modern feminism, Betty Frieden relied on these texts when she wrote The Feminine Mystique (1963). These women all hid the fact that they were long-time Communist activists. In the 1960, their daughters had everything they needed, including the example of subterfuge, to start the Women's Liberation Movement. Feminism's roots in Marxist Communism explain a great deal about this curious but dangerous movement. It explains: Why the " woman's movement" hates femininity and imposes a political-economic concept like "equality" on a personal, biological and mystical relationship.
The "diversity" and "multicultural" movements represent feminism's attempt to forge "allegiances" by empowering gays and "people of color." Thus, the original CPUSA trio of "race, gender and class" is very much intact but class conflict was never a big seller. The term "politically correct" originated in the Russian Communist Party in the 1920's. It usage in America today illustrates the extent society has been subverted. Feminist activists are mostly Communist dupes. The Communist goal is to destroy Western Civilization, which is dedicated to genuine diversity (pluralism), individual liberty and equal opportunity (but not equal outcomes). We have seen this destruction in the dismantling of the liberal arts curriculum and tradition of free speech and inquiry at our universities. We have seen this virus spread to government, business, the media and the military. This could only happen because the financial elite in fact sponsors Communism. "Political correctness" has dulled and regimented our cultural life. Recently here in Winnipeg, Betty Granger, a conservative school trustee referred to house price increases due to "the Asian invasion." Granger was pilloried mercilessly in the press. People sent hate letters and dumped garbage on her lawn.
At a School Board meeting, the Chairman acknowledged that she is not a racist. He acknowledged that Asians have married into her family. Nonetheless, Granger was censured because, and I quote, "appearances are more important than reality." This slippage from the mooring of objective truth is the hallmark of Communism. The atmosphere at the meeting was charged. Mild mannered Canadians, all champions of "tolerance" they behaved like wild dogs ready to tear apart an wounded rabbit. Betty Granger repented and voted in favour of her own censure. These rituals of denunciation and contrition, typical of Stalinist Russia or Maoist China, are becoming commonplace in America. They are like showtrials designed to frighten everyone into conforming. We have "diversity officers" and "human rights commissions" and "sensitivity training" to uphold feminist shibboleths. They talk about "discrimination" but they freely discriminate against white heterosexual men and feminine women. They use the charge of "sexual harassment" to fetter male-female relations and purge their opponents.
In 1980, three women in Leningrad produced 10 typewritten copies of a feminist magazine called Almanac. The KGB shut down the magazine and deported the women to West Germany. In the USSR, feminism has largely been for export.
According to Professor Weigand, her "book provides evidence to support the belief that at least some Communists regarded the subversion of the gender system [in America] as an integral part of the larger fight to overturn capitalism."
In conclusion, the feminist pursuit of "equal rights" is a mask for an invidious Communist agenda. The Communist MO has always been deception, infiltration and subversion. The goal is the destruction of western civilization and creation of a new world order run by monopoly capital.
Kate Weigand's Red Feminism demonstrates that the Communist agenda is alive and well and living under an assumed name.
Linkuri utile cu documente, carti, marturi istorice si alte dovezi: Red feminism By Kate Weigand

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