Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gay or lesby?

Aha, ei 2009, doamnelor si domnilor
Va prezentam ceva absolut senzational
In exclusivitate pentru toata lum

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jos comunsimul!

It worked in China, like it worked for the Soviet Union, the USA during slavery -- during a growth period. China has over 1 billion people to work for $1 per hour. Who cannot be productive when you have slave labor?
The only political and economic model that develops a country is called Democratic Capitalism. South Korea is a handful of land with the size of Indiana and exports from cars to plasma TVs, Japan emerged from two atomic bombs to be the second economy in the world, Germany, Britain, France, Canada , Sweden, Australia, Holland, Finland, Italy, Denmark, New Zea land, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Chile, read on a computer invented by capitalists on the Internet invented by capitalists through electricity discovered by capitalists. so, communists, shut up!
The sad truth may be that no model of government is proof against the avarice and tribalism of the human race.