Saturday, October 8, 2011

The way Steve Jobs did

The reason that Apple and HP and yes, even Microsoft
have created such fantastic products is because the fantastic people who've led these companies -- epitomized by Steve Jobs -- have woven their magic unfettered on the West Coast.
Had they been stuck in the dense, old, stifling bureaucratic behemoth of the Eastern Seaboard (New York, etc), it would not have happened.
But they were out in "la-la" land. The land of dreams and ideas and saying things like, "..what if.." without umpteen naysayers shooting your ideas down.
That's why RIM and Blackberry are failing. They are stuck in Canada's equivalent to the U.S. Eastern Seaboard. They are stuck in Upper/Lower Canada, the south-central urban corridor of Southern Ontario and Southern Quebec, where just about all of Canada's high-tech industry has been concentrated, due to myriad hidden government policies and initiatives, whose sole purpose is to create "civilization" only in Upper and Lower Canada.
What Mr. Jobs can teach Canada is to move our high-tech out of Southern Ontario, and out to Canada's coasts. Bring it to Halifax, to Victoria, to Saint John, to Nanaimo. Bring it out to the hinterland.
The way America did.

The way Steve Jobs did.

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